Bridging Innovations and Opportunities at the 21st World Korean Business Convention

In a fast-paced business environment where invention is the currency of growth, opportunities to connect, cooperate, and create are priceless. We, at ONDOHL, are excited to announce our participation at the 21st World Korean Business Convention, a spectacular event that promises to be a melting pot of ideas, partnerships, and transformative experiences.

ONDOHL: Pioneering Radiant Floor Heating Technology:
ONDOHL’s presence at this prestigious event offers enormous promise as a company at the forefront of heating innovation. We symbolize the union of technology and comfort with our array of cutting-edge electric boilers for radiant floor heating. Our dedication to energy efficiency, intelligent design, and long-term solutions has earned us praise and assistance from the Busan Economic Promotion Agency, which has been instrumental in facilitating our participation.

Oct 11th – 14th: Mark Your Calendars:
The 21st World Korean Business Convention is more than just an event; it is a link that connects dreams to accomplishments, visions to realities. We invite you to join us at Booth No. 1101, where ONDOHL’s innovative heating technology will be on show, from October 11th to 14th. Engage with our team, investigate our products, and be a part of a global conversation that envisions a future in which innovation is the driving force of progress.

ONDOHL is proud to be a part of this transformational journey, as the 21st World Korean Business Convention is a celebration of global entrepreneurship and collaboration. As we prepare to begin on this exciting journey, we extend an open invitation to all visionaries, entrepreneurs, and enthusiasts to join us in crafting a future where creativity has no limits.

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