Bringing Warmth into the Home: A Personal Experience with ONDOHL Radiant Floor Heating

As the winter frost set in, I began a project that promised to reinvent the way I felt comfortable. What is the mission? To put in ONDOHL’s cutting-edge radiant floor heating technology. Here’s how it all went down.

Preparing the Canvas

The first step was to wipe the canvas clean. I diligently cleaned the floor in preparation for the revolutionary installation that was to come. I moved what furniture I could with the drive to create room, but the limits of a townhouse left me with certain things planted on the first level. No need to worry; I decided to work around them.

Insulating the Dream

The critical work of insulating followed next. On the floor, I installed heavy-duty reinforced attic foil insulation. This clever layer was installed on top of my existing hardwood flooring, promising to improve the performance of my radiant floor heating system.

Crafting Precision with PEX Panels

The radiant floor heating system’s heart was made up of PEX pipe panels imported from Korea. These weren’t just any panels; they were highly thermally conductive, guaranteeing even and efficient heat dispersion. I delicately trimmed the panels to fit the corners, ensuring that every inch of my home was warm.

The Intricacies of PEX Pipes

Then came the PEX pipes, which served as veins for the warmth to flow through. I had two types of PEX pipes: red for the floor and white for connecting the floor PEX pipes to the boiler. I carefully put the PEX pipes into the floor panel, ready to circulate the heat that would soon transform my home into a paradise.

Filling the Pipes with Promise

The PEX pipes required to be filled with water before starting. This was the first stage in the complicated dance that would eventually result in warmth underfoot.

Power and Control

I sought the assistance of a certified electrician to bring this concept to life. We escorted 240 V to the first level, where the boiler awaited. The boiler, a technological marvel, was hooked in, and a Google Nest thermostat was connected, ready to conduct the symphony of warmth.

The Delicate Balance of Bubbles and Water

I made sure the boiler was full of water before starting it up. After turning on the pump, we started about extracting any remaining bubbles from the PEX pipes beneath the floor. I maintained a close eye on the pump while it performed its magic, adding water to the boiler as needed. When it reached the water limit, I activated the heater by raising the desired temperature on the Google Nest thermostat.

The Grand Unveiling

I confirmed that everything was in working condition with bated breath. As a finishing touch, I covered all the panel lids, locking the system’s secrets beneath the surface. Then it was time to go.

Personal Review

The house came alive with warmth and comfort after the installation was complete. ONDOHL’s radiant floor heating had not only added warmth to my home, but it had also weaved a new chapter into the fabric of my life, redefining what it meant to be comfortable. Winter’s chill had dissipated, and a new era of warmth had begun.

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